Music News: Musical Chairs World Championship

Musical Chairs Competition at Amesbury Park's Sports Park Amesbury, MA, June 16, 2012

Music News | Musical Chairs Championship
Music News | Musical Chairs Championship Team

Music Drives Us put together an all star team to compete in the Guinness Book of World Records Musical Chairs competition! Some of our local Music Drives Us Ambassadors answered the call and came out ready to compete as they proudly wore the MDU Team jersey. We had a blast!!! Our team of 12 started out strong and we sent half of the team onto the Semi Finals! The competition was fierce and only one of us made it to the finals. Nobody on our team took home the $10,000 grand prize, but we did have a fantastic time and we invite you to join us next year as we regroup and re-strategize with fierce determination!

The MDU Musical Chair Team consisted of:

Music Drives Us' Ernie Boch Jr. and Carla Tardif
JADA, Elle, April, Jacyn, Lauren
Kingston 530, Shauno, Mike and Chris
Hard Rock Café’s Dayna Brunelli and Erika Norville
Liz Borden
Music Drives Us