Liz Borden Band CD Release Party

Liz Borden Band CD Release Party to benefit Music Drives Us Hard Rock, Boston, 6/2/12

The Liz Borden Band CD Release Party

The Liz Borden Band is having a CD Release Party at the Hard Rock cafe, Boston on June 2, 2012. They will be performing with Fireking and Melt. Doors open at 8:30 pm. Admission is only $10, and a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Music Drives Us.

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The Liz Borden Band

Elizabeth Borden has been playing in clubs since she was 13 years old. Her first 2 gigs were at The RAT in Boston and CBGB's in NYC. Liz played in many bands until she formed the band Lizzie Borden & The Axes.

Lizzie Borden & The Axes toured endlessly with many bands including: The Ramones, Cheap Trick, Spinal Tap, Flock of Seagulls, and many more. They signed to record labels and toured some more.

After LBA, Liz & her LBA guitar player, Rita Lavacchia, started the band Lava Beat. Lava Beat released a CD and won several awards. Liz & Rita also put out a CD - The Adventure Girls in 2002. Liz Left Lava Beat to start the alternative rock band The Finch Family.

Still playing the Finch Family, Liz wanted to put out something different than she had recorded before, so for the winter of 2003 Elizabeth and her friends decided to stay in the warmth of recording studios in Boston, NYC, & Los Angeles.

The CD "Elizabeth Borden" was born. Liz moved back to Boston and started up the Liz Borden Band with her Finch Family bass player Kelly Johnson. The band: John Kokas on drums, Seth Kellogg on guitar and vocals. Liz's songs are currently featured in TV shows, commercials and movies.

The Liz Borden Band has a CD titled Beautiful, and in December 2011 released a full length CD called - The Liz Borden Band- Under The Covers. A collection of cover songs recorded over the years. On June 2, 2012. The Liz Borden Band will release - The Liz Borden Band - Don't Stand In My Sunshine. Please visit LBB's website:


Fireking is a rock experience for the twenty-first century. The two founding members, Anthony Kaczynski and Smitt E. Smitty, both formerly of Figures on a Beach (Sire Records), have been musical collaborators in various forms for years, and Fireking represents their newest, loudest, and best incarnation. Andrew Morrison on bass rounds out this power-pop-rock trio.

Anthony Kaczynski serves as Fireking’s band leader and lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, as well as being the actual King of Fire himself. Smitt E. Smitty proudly powers the group from underneath his long tasseled fez and behind his classic red Pearl drum kit. The new addition of bass player Andrew Morrison raises the bar for Fireking in every way possible.

Fireking specializes in hook-filled slamming rock tunes. Unafraid to tread where others have trod, yet somehow totally original, Fireking aims for that sweet spot somewhere between "Face to Face"-era Kinks and Iggy & The Stooges’ "Funhouse," owing to their original roots in the Motor City.


Bassist Paul Pipitone had been on the local circuit for several years and was looking to do something new that combined elements that were dynamic and jarring yet still accessible and melodic. Initially, he wanted to combine punk, art rock, goth and funk and was hoping to find people not afraid to branch out from static one-dimensional rock sounds.

A kindred spirit was found in Dan Inzana who took on lead guitar duties in the fall of 2008. Dan is also a veteran of the local Boston rock scene. The two instantly connected and the playing/writing styles and personalities complimented immediately. Dan’s style is a combination of alternative and atmospheric, while still maintaining a soaring driving feel that changes on a dime. Early in 2010 the original drummer decided to move back to his home state.

Almost immediately the job was filled by Ben Lyons. Originally from Nashua, New Hampshire, Ben has added immediate fire, excitement and humor. His versatility brings rhythms from all over the globe all the while sounding authentic and powerful. Other than writing a solo project, Melt is Ben's first real musical endeavor since his band, Delusional Destiny (Albany, NY) called it quits in 2004.

A two month audition process ensued to find the perfect singer who had a strong clear voice, charisma, range and versatility. Enter Lindsey Kyte, classically trained soprano extraordinaire. From the second she belted out her first note, it was clear she was the voice and front person we had been looking for. Lindsey resides in Lowell MA where she has performed in two of local choir groups. Lindsey cites her inspirations as the power of Simone Simons from Epica, the range and control of Sarah Brightman with the haunting style of Amy Lee of Evanesence. Using these styles and mixing them with her unique and sometimes quirky personality - Lindsey brings a new sound that compliments the band in new and exciting ways!

Huge plans are in place for promotion of our new CD and of course, live shows for 2012.

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