Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 1 Winner: Notoriety

Hard Rock Rising 2012: The Global Battle of the Bands Boston, February 19, 2011

Hard Rock Rising 2012, Global Battle of the Bands
Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 1 | Incredible Chuck, Vydle-Sinez

Notoriety is a two man group consisting of emcees Vital Silveira: Vydle Sinez and Charles Monfort: Incredible Chuck. Growing up down the street from each other, Vydle and Chuck had been close friends, almost like brothers, since the two were children. Each had come in connection with their passion for music at an early age as the pair had unique/individual talents to showcase this — Chuck rapping/beatboxing on the street and in talent shows, and Vydle rhyming/developing a matured flow early on. As the years built, the friendship grew, and the abilities escalated, Notoriety soon emerged in 2009. Along with several singles, Notoriety currently has three mixtapes available for download: The Toast, The J.A.M. (Just A Mixtape), and Part Deux (Hosted By Statik Selektah) which was released on Valentine's Day of 2011. The group writes daily, records weekly, and all production, recording, mixing/mastering, and business takes place in-house, independently.

Coming out of Brockton/Boston, MA, US. The duo, Notoriety, just released their fourth mixtape: "Road Trippin', Kool-Aid Sippin', Chicken, Beef Patties, And Herb (Hosted By CR The Beast)". Almost one year in the making...this tape is Hip Hop.

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Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 2

Join us on at the Hard Rock Cafe, Boston on March 4, 2012, for the 2nd of three qualifying rounds in our worldwide battle of the bands!Round 2 Competitors are:

  • Louie Bello
  • Under Atoms
  • Ezekiel's Spaceship
  • Sean Coleman Music

Hard Rock Rising 2012 Winners

Hard Rock Rising Round 1 Winner: Notoriety
Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 2 Winner: Under Atoms
Hard Rock Rising 2012 Round 3 Winner: Last One Out

Final Battle

Hard Rock Rising 2012: Final Battle
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