Bands 2011 Round 1 Winner The Metal Band Amadis

Hard Rock Cafe Boston, February 6, 2011

Round 1 Winners of Hard Rock Cafe's Battle of the Bands 2011 Heavy Metal Amadis

The Metal Band Amadis

The boys are back, and it's time to spread the leather! Out of the darkness and straight at the madness, Amadis is here to kick some serious ass! Packing more heat than an IROC full of dynamite, we came for glory and we're never gonna back down.

In the year MMVI Franky Vitriol and J.J. Harris formed a bond over a Gibson Flying V and a pair of leather pants. Soon after, Harris recruited longtime allies Gustavus Adolphus and Johan Sebastian Rock to pound out the thundering rhythm and Vitriol called upon former bandmate Sid Dystic to lead the charge. Amadis was born...

In the timeless tradition of metal pioneers Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Accept, Helloween and many more, Amadis is fueled by the drive to bring larger than life, over-the-top showmanship, dynamic storytelling and shameless epic guitar riffing to the metal legions. We will stop at nothing to bring you the kind of glorious Heavy Metal Rock And Roll that you can really crank in your Camaro as you speed into the night leaving all your cares behind.

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Hardrock Cafe Battle fo the Bands 2011 Round 1 Winners

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Battle of the Bands Round 1 Judges

Chip Rives, Boston Music Awards
Barry Goudreau, Former band member of Boston, Ernie and the Automatics
Brian Maes, Ernie and the Automatics

Battle of the Bands Round 1 Competitors

Jamie Alimorad Band
Move in Stereo
Full Thang
The Metal Band Amadis

The Hard Rock Cafe Boston, 22-24 Clinton St., Boston, MA 02109.

Final Round Judges

Ernie Boch Jr., Boch Enterpises, Music Drives Us Foundation, Ernie and the Automatics
Kate Hutcheson, Warner Music
Paul Nelson, RCA Records
Paul Geary, Azoff Management

Final Round Competetors

Round 1 Winner: The Metal Band Amadis
Round 2 Winner: Gravitas
Round 3 Winner: In Like Lions
Wildcard: The Richard James Band
Wildcard: Jackson Wetherbee Band
Boston's Final Round Winner

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