2012 Battle of the Bands Round 4 Winner: The Blue Pages

Hard Rock Rising 2010: Ambassadors of Rock April 28, 2010

The Ambassadors of Rock 2010 round 4 winner is The Blue Pages.

In 2010 The Blue Pages were featured in Billboard, AMP, and Alternative Press magazine, and were listed as Clear Channel’s NEW! Artists to Watch, as well as featured as Hot Topic’s Unsigned Band of the Month. The Blue Pages were showcased at the 2011 SXSW festival, have completed U.S. tours with major-label acts such as Cash Cash, Down With Webster, and Let's Get It.

These days you can hear The Blue Pages tracks through any number of media outlets: MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge, Real World: Las Vegas, Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club, and their epic ballad "Keep Me Dreaming" serves as the theme song for MTV's heroic new reality show, Chelsea Settles. Their music also streams at various Lacoste Live! and H&M stores throughout the world.

With their latest EP release Anthropology, The Blue Pages asked fans to name-their-own-price on Bandcamp, with half the proceeds going to the children’s music charity, Education Through Music (ETM). By giving back, the band was able to aid ETM in their mission to bring quality music education to schools in impoverished areas.

The Hard Rock Cafe Boston, 22-24 Clinton St., Boston, MA 02109.

Battle of the Bands 2010

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