2012 Battle of the Bands Round 3 Winner: Keep Me Conscious

Hard Rock Rising 2010: Ambassadors of Rock April 21, 2010

Hard Rock Rising 2010 Round 3 Winner | Keep Me Conscious

Since forming in March 2009, Boston-based Keep Me Conscious has built a fiercely loyal fan base by offering a unique brand of melodic alt rock and an intense stage performance. Bob Bowser (vocals), Daniel Maleck (guitar), John Wiley (guitar), Maty Vamp (bass) and Rob B Wu (drums) are passionate songwriters committed to delivering their music live with the same precision found on their recordings.

Keep Me Conscious has quickly become a "must-see" live band. In just under a year, they have proven to be road-worthy by booking more than 100 dates including an East Coast tour, a Hot Topic "in-store" acoustic tour, CMJ Festival in NY, SXSW and Red Gorilla Festival in TX, showcases in LA, countless regional shows and even multiple sets at New England Patriots games… all without label or management support.

At their rehearsal space in Boston, the band collaborates on heartfelt lyrics, beautifully crafted guitar riffs, dirty bass lines and punishing drum work, as evidenced in their April 2009 EP, "Sounds of Rescue" recorded by Jonathan Wyman (Sparks The Rescue, Sage Francis). With thousands of copies sold, Keep Me Conscious have ridden their own momentum into the new year by recording a two-song demo with Tom Denney (A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil, Confide).

With routine play on a variety of college and internet radio programs, mainstream radio has been hard pressed to overlook Keep Me Conscious. In Boston, WAAF’s Baystate Rocks and WZLX’s Boston Emissions have featured the band regularly. In Rhode Island, WBRU added "Thicker Than Blood" into prime time rotation on News At Nine’s battle of the bands, where winners are determined by listener votes. After seven consecutive wins, the song was retired to the station’s Hall of Fame. Maine’s WTOS has also embraced Keep Me Conscious, making them their most-played artist in the fall of 2009.

Sharp enough to make you nervous but infectious enough to keep you singing along, this band isn't for just anyone… Keep Me Conscious is for everyone.

The Hard Rock Cafe Boston, 22-24 Clinton St., Boston, MA 02109.

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