The Music Drives Us Foundation

As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, my earliest dream was to follow a life of music. After graduation I needed to make a decision—try to make a living in music or make a living so I can enjoy music. I chose a life of business, but always kept my love of music close to my heart.

My business has enabled me to support the arts through a number of philanthropic causes, highlighted by my own charitable Music Drives Us Foundation. I created Music Drives Us in 2006 to help support music programs for the underserved, and to prevent music education in schools from being cut due to budget reductions and other obstacles. Since the inception of Music Drives Us, our Foundation has helped hundreds of organizations and continues to grow and serve New England.

Having visited many of the programs we have funded, I have witnessed the incredible power that music has to heal, inspire and offer a sense of community and pride. I truly believe that Music Drives Usis changing people's lives, and I am committed to continue to bring the gift of music to the New England community.

I want Music Drives Us to endure and continue its mission here in New England and hopefully beyond. Thank you for joining me on this journey.



Non-profit 501(C)(3) Charity

Music Drives Us is a recognized 501(C)(3) charity that funds music education programs, supplies musical instruments for schools, sponsors music therapy programs, and much more.

The Boch family established Music Drives Us as a way to support music in New England.

The Foundation also awards scholarship grants to individuals looking to expand their musical education through special music programs or camps. We do not fund college tuitions.

Please note that grants for individuals are given to individuals or programs that provide music education but may not be a recognized 501 (c) (3). Only non-profit organizations in good standing may apply for the Organizational Grant. Should you have any questions about the grant application, please contact us at

Keep Music in our Schools

music grants provide funding for music programs

Music Drives Us provides grants to individuals and organizations to help keep music in our schools, to help people study music, and to enable organizations to provide concerts. Organizational Grants help support academic and community music programs to enrich lives. Musical Performance Grants help fund free musical performances in the community. For people who want to study music, we have Scholarship Grants to help them fund quality music instruction.

music promomotes self Awareness

Music is a vital part of our daily lives . It allows us to express ourselves and to connect with others. Music has been proven to improve scholastic performance, and to increase concentration and Self Enrichment. Music improves an individual's critical analysis skills and their ability to deal with and solve problems, while music therapy has been shown to have a significant effect on an individual's relaxation and recovery from stress and injury.

New England Music Charity

We need your help to support music in New England. Many celebrities and performers like Sarah Blacker and Scott Stapp have become Music Drives Us music ambassadors, helping us spread our message about the importance of keeping music in our lives. Organizations can participate in our partnership programs to help us with our events or projects. Not-for-profit organizations also work with us as Foundation Partners providing support and assistance.

We have an online store where consumers can buy wonderful merchandise to help spread our message and to support our cause and our friends. The guitar string bracelets are a favorite. You can also make an online donation to support music in New England.

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